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Issues regarding: The Consortium
3-5-02Students At Two Schools Boycott State English ExamNY 1
2-11-02Urban Academy: Where Testing Is Anything But Standardedutopia
2001Urban Academy: As A Student Views ItCarnegie Reporter
Issues regarding: Performance Assessment
6-11-03Going for Depth Instead of PrepNew York Times
2003Trouble With Testing: Why standards-based assessment doesn't measure upNational School Boards Association
12-02Standardized Tests Examined Center for Inquiry NCREST at Teachers College, Columbia
12-02MCAS Cartoon by Ken Keane--
11-02A Horse Called NCLBPhi Delta Kappa International
4-5-00CON-Test: The gospel according to AlfieEducation Week
1999The Case for Constructivist Classrooms Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
Issues regarding: Activism
6-11-03Grading This Article? First, Take Time to Learn the RulesNew York Times
5-18-03Bush says he won't rescind resultsMiami Herald
5-12-03Leaders threaten boycott on FCATThe Miami Herald
4-9-03Governor softens stance on FCATThe Miami Herald
4-9-03L.A. School Board Votes to Oppose State Exit ExamLos Angeles Times
4-1-03State threatens to fire Fairport school chiefRochester Democrat and Chronicle
3-25-03Taking A Stand On TestingThe Washington Post
1-30-03Ah, Love, Let Us Be True, or at Least Be AccurateNew York Times
1-11-03Scarsdale foes of state exams present new strategyThe Journal News
1-9-03Call to ax Regents chief Daily News
1-8-03State errs in exam, but denies politically correct
1-8-03How New York Exams Rewrite Literature (A Sequel)New York Times
12-24-02More Kids Opt Out of Exams -- Used to Assess Schools and AidWall Street Journal
10-30-02The Diploma WarsDemocrat and Chronicle
10-29-02Return to Local Diplomas EndorsedDemocrat and Chronicle
9-24-02A Champion in the Fight Against Testing StandardsWashington Post
6-12-02Stung by Criticism for Altering Texts, N.Y. Changes PolicyEducation Week
6-10-02PENCILS DOWN! - The State Edits The ClassicsThe New Yorker
6-4-02Critics assail Regents for sanitized quotes on testThe Journal News
6-3-02Groups Call For An End To Altering Literature On NY Standardized ExamsABC News
3-6-02Boycotts and a Bill Protest MandatoryNew York Times
1-10-02Reading Between the LinesThe Nation
Issues regarding: Consequences of Testing
7-2-03Math Failures Are Raising Concerns About CurriculumNew York Times
7-2-03A Regents LessonTimes Union
7-1-03Test Chief Resigns After Wide Math-Exam FailuresNew York Times
6-25-03Citing Flaw, New York State Voids Math ScoresNew York Times
6-25-03A 70 Percent Failure Rate?New York Times
6-24-03Regent Says Board Favors Setting Aside Math ScoresNew York Times
6-21-03Analysis of Regents Math Test Is Ordered After ComplaintsNew York Times
6-20-03New Law May Leave Many Rural Teachers BehindNew York Times
6-20-03This Year's Math Regents Exam Is Too Difficult, Educators SayNew York Times
6-18-03School research gets to race gap: Not just black students affectedThe Tribune
6-18-03Moving Quickly Through HistoryNew York Times
6-18-03Moving Quickly Through HistoryNew York Times
5-28-03The Changes Unwelcome, a Model Teacher Moves OnNew York Times
5-22-03States Are Relaxing Standards on Tests to Avoid SanctionsNew York Times
5-21-03A Pupil Held Back, a Heavier BurdenNew York Times
5-18-03Exit exam said to harm, not helpContra Costa Times
5-18-03Guest commentary: FCAT an imperfect test, inappropriately usedNaples FL Daily News
5-11-03What kept FCAT scores from rising?The Miami Herald
5-7-03What Some Much-Noted Data Really Showed About VouchersNew York Times
4-29-03Report on Special Education CompletersPDF Download
4-14-03On White PreferencesThe Nation
4-9-03When the Learning Is the Hands-On KindNew York Times
4-3-03TEA probe finds evidence of thousands of misreported studentsHouston Chronicle
4-2003April Foolishness: The 20th Anniversary of A Nation at RiskPhi Delta Kappa International
3-27-03Casualties at HomeNew York Times
3-19-03A Pervasive Dismay on a Bush School LawNew York Times
3-12-03When a Passing Grade Defies Laws of PhysicsNew York Times
3-2-03Americans Have a Cool Debate About a Hot-Button TopicNew York Times
2-6-03Young, Jobless, HopelessNew York Times
2-5-03School Boots Kids To Boost Image: LawsuitNew York Post
2003High Stakes Testing Wrightslaw - Special Education Law & Advocacy
2-2003The Dangers of TestingAssociation for Supervision and Curriculum Development
2003High Stakes, High Risks: The Dangerous Consequences of High Stakes TestingAmerican School Board Journal
1-19-03Complete sentences: Turning students into prison inmatesSan Francisco Chronicle
1-8-03Reports Find Fault With High-Stakes TestingEducation Week
12-5-02College SATs Incompatible with Black MobilityThe Black Commentator
11-3-02Regents Standards Need to be More FlexibleBuffalo News
8-12-02Failing the Test of Fairness: Institutional Racism and the
6-23-02Critics Say Regents English Tests Push Immigrants to Drop OutNew York Times
6-17-02With a No. 2 Pencil, Delete!
The destruction of literature in the name of children
6-3-02Coaltion of Groups Denounce Censorship on Regents English ExamPress Release
6-2-02The Elderly Man and the Sea? Test Sanitizes Literary TextsNew York Times
2002High Stakes Testing BibliographyAmerican Evaluation Association
3-8-00Unmasking the Low Standards Of High-Stakes TestsEducation Week

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