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Resolutions Made About the Physics Exam

New York State School Boards Association Convention News reports an adopted resolution about awarding local diplomas and errors on the 2002 Physics Regents exam.

12. Conditional Authority to Award Local Diplomas

RESOLVED, that the New York State School Boards Association continue to be proactive and to persevere in seeking legislation requiring the New York State Education Department to authorize Boards of Education the option to award a local high school diploma to school districts that provide alternative courses and multiple assessments that respond more adequately and meaningfully to students individual and unique abilities, talents, interests and plans for future personal, educational and vocational goals upon approval by the Board of Regents.

15. 2002 Physics Regents

RESOLVED, that the New York State School Boards Association seeks a comprehensive investigation and public review of the process establishing cut points for the 2002 Physics Regents, which may include, but not be limited too, legal and testing expert consultations, and requests that the State Education Department revise those cut points if warranted.

A study, conducted by researchers at Arizona State University, found that while students show consistent improvement on state high-stakes graduation tests, the tests have failed to improve their performance on other, independent measures of academic achievement, such as the SAT and AP exams.