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Taking Action - Sample Letters

Parents: Join the Parents Coalition in demanding a moratorium on testing!

We have been told by legislators who support us that we MUST HAVE Parent Leadership letters in support of legislation BEFORE they will be able to move a bill forward on our behalf. It is crucial to our cause that we get back ASAP the letter (with parent signatures).

What To Do:

  1. Click here to view PARENT LEADERSHIP letter
  2. Copy the letter onto school stationery
  3. Have Parent Leaders sign it
  4. Make a copy for your file
  5. Fax the signed document to Ann Cook at 212-570-5366
  6. Mail the original to:
    Ann Cook
    Julia Richman Education Complex
    317 East 67th Street
    New York, New York 10065

Sample letter 1
Send this letter or one similar to Chancellor Bennett.

Sample letter 2
Send this letter or one similar to Speaker of the Assembly Sheldon Silver

Here's a list of links to help you find your representative:

NY State Assembly Members

The NY State Senate

Members of the NY State Board of Regents