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Alternatives to High-Stakes Testing
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Q10: If our schools don't use High-Stakes Tests (The Regents), How do we know our Students meet State Standards?

Schools and Student Work Are Held Accountable By The Performance Assessment Review Board, Inc.

The Review Board is an external body of nationally known educators, business leaders and public figures:

Nancy Barnes
Lang College

Norman Bauer
SUNY at Geneseo

Edward Chittenden
Educational Testing Service

Joan Countryman
Lincoln School

Warren Crichlow
University of York

Linda Darling-Hammond
Stanford University

Hubert Dyasi
Workshop Center, City College

Michelle Fine
City University of New York

Maxine Greene
Teachers College, Columbia University

David Hursh
University of Rochester

Sherry Jacobs
Guilford Mills

Linda Mabry
University of Washington, Vancouver

Deborah Meier
Mission Hill School

Pedro Pedraza
Hunter College

Vito Perrone
Harvard University

Regina Peruggi
Central Park Conservancy

Linda Powell
City College of New York

Richard Ryan
University of Rochester

Larry Rosenstock
High Tech High

Nancy Sizer
Francis Parker School

Ted Sizer
Coalition of Essential Schools

Robert Stake
University of Illinois

Ronald Wolk
Editorial Projects in Education

The SED said it had fixed the censorship problems:

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