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Q11: Why not use both Regents Exams and Performance-Based Assessments?

Assessment drives curriculum and instruction. If assessment changes, curriculum and instruction must change as well. Schools do not have time to do both well!

Here are the time requirements for just one Regents exam -- the English Language Arts Regents:

ELA Regents Preparation Scheduling Requirements:

  • 3 periods a week
  • 44 minutes per period
  • 15 weeks per term
  • Total time required:
    33 hours of preparation per term
Performance Assessment Scheduling Requirements:
  • content work: reading/analysis
    2 periods/week x 55 minutes/period x 15 weeks
  • skill development: writing
    1 period/week x 55 x 15 weeks
  • oral skills
    1 period/week x 55 x 15 weeks
  • Total time required:
    55 hours of preparation per term
Now think about this...

Where will the extra 33 class periods per term for test preparation come from?

What would be dropped from the performance assessment schedule to provide time necessary to prepare for the ELA Regents test?

How can teachers find time to assess student performance tasks and correct six-hour ELA Regents tests?

Should Regents schools be required to administer performance assessments in addition to Regents tests?

We know our assessment system works for our students, but it will be critically underminded if we have to do both.

Read Steve Breen's cartoon about standardized testing here.

The site also contains rubrics for the ELA Regents requirements.