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Q3: What Kinds of Students Attend Consortium Schools?

Students at the New York Performance Standards Consortium Schools come from a variety of backgrounds. The following chart provides a comparison of our students with the general New York City schools' population:

Category Consortium Schools All NYC Schools
African-American 27.6% 35.1%
Latino 43.5% 34.7%
English Language Learners 9.8% 14.0%
Free Lunch 60.7% 54.0%
Special Education and Resource Room 12.0% 11.4%
Entering 9th and 10th Graders Meeting State Standards:
ELA 15.6% 31.0%
Mathematics 17.5% 31.0%

Source: The New York State Department of Education's annual "State Report Cards," 2003. The Consortium Schools' data was compiled from the twenty-five New York City Consortium Schools that were issued report cards.

The State by State
Report Card:

The first state-by-state report card for higher education grades states on their performance in five categories:
Preparation, Participation, Affordability, Completion and Benefits.

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