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Q4: How does the Consortium Assess Its Students?

Consortium schools believe assessment is a crucial aspect of education, and of securing public trust in our schools. Therefore:

  • Consortium schools use a system of performance-based assessment.

  • Consortium schools require students to engage in time-intensive, in-depth research projects and papers.

  • Rigorous performance tasks require students to:
    • think like historians;
    • solve problems like mathematicians;
    • conduct experiments the way scientists do;
    • critically interpret works of literature;
    • speak and write clearly and expressively.

  • The Consortium's assessment system adopts the time-honored tradition of the Ph.D. defense:
    • students must orally present and defend completed work to external assessors.

The Consortium is a coalition of high schools across NY State which have pioneered the creation of educational communities synonymous with active student learning, exemplary professional development and innovative curriculum and teaching strategies for 21st century students.
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