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Alternatives to High-Stakes Testing
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Q6: What is a High-Stakes Test?

High-stakes tests are tests that are used as the SOLE determinant of critically important educational decisions, such as grade promotion or graduation, in the life of a child.

So why do consortium schools say "NO" to high stakes tests?


  • Learning is complex; assessment should be, too.
  • Multiple forms of assessment have more reliability and consequential validity predicting future success than single instrument high-stakes tests.
  • A performance-based assessment system requires students to demonstrate what they know, not how well they take tests.
  • A performance-based assessment system tells schools, parents, colleges and employers how well students do in real-world situations.
  • The Consortium's performance-based assessment system is aligned to, meets and exceeds the State Learning Standards.

Visit the web site for the New York State Learning Standards.