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Alternatives to High-Stakes Testing
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Q7: Who Says "NO" to High-Stakes Tests?

The US Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights SAYS...


The National Academy of Science SAYS...


The American Education Research Association SAYS...


The American Psychological Association SAYS...


The National Council on Measurement in Education SAYS...


The National Council of Teachers of English SAYS...


The Former US Secretary of Education Richard Riley SAYS...


Former Secretary Riley says:
"All states should incorporate multiple ways of measuring learning-essays and extended responses, portfolios and performance assessments, as well as multiple-choice tests. Students must have multiple opportunities to demonstrate competence, and educators should rely on more than one measure to make a final decision."

State of Education Address, 1999

The Performance Assessment Review Board, Inc., an independent group of nationally recognized educators, oversees the work of Consortium schools to make sure they meet and exceed state standards.