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Student Involvement: SOAR
What Students Think

SOAR has become a growing force of dedicated and concerned high school students who attend performance assesstment based schools from across New york State.

SOAR members believe that the comprehensive and challenging education they receive in performance assessment schools effectively equips them with the skills necessary to be successful in college. They argue that college classes require students to revise, research, and go beyond the factual information that is typical of a rigid Regent based curriculm. As the movement against standarized testing continues, SOAR will continue its battle to represent the views of students.

The movement against standardized testing has finally found a champion who cannot be dismissed as a country club obstructionist. She is Deborah Meier, a fierce opponent of standardized tests who is also founder of the Central Park East School in East Harlem, co-principal of the Mission Hill School in Boston, and one of the most knowledgeable and innovative inner city educators the country has ever seen.

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